untitled (portrait)

after: N Vervoort (Flemish, active 1795-1830)

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portrait, three quarter, of a man, seated, holding open a small bound volume, The man, of approximately forty years, is seated. His left arm crooked and his left hand inserted between his waistcoat and cotton or muslin chemise. The back of a chair is just visible. It is possibly Biedermeir, having an oblong back rest, shaped at the top and edge. the back support of the chair is just visible behind the man's left elbow. The man is richly dressed and may be of the prosperous bourgeois's class. He wears a black frock coat or long jacket which is adorned with long brass or gold buttons. His yellow waistcoat which has a fine black binding that extends from the high cut collar down both sides of the front. It also has gold or brass buttons. A high white collar, nestling under the gentleman's chin and touching his long side whiskers is all but hidden by an elaborately tied cravat in a fine white material. The knot or bow is tied in a compact fashion. The front of the chemise appears to be sewn with an elaborate horizontal series of folds. The sitter's face is full, he has heavy set features and his hands are stocky. The sitter directs his gaze directly at the viewer. He has brown side whiskers and short brown hair, combed across his head from his left to right. The face is fully modelled and finely painted in a highly realistic fashion. The background is uniformly black grey, although a lighter area behind the sitter silhouettes the sitter and the outline of his clothes.
Maker and role
after: N Vervoort (Flemish, active 1795-1830)
Production place
The Netherlands
Production date
Media description
oil on canvas, (recent frame)
800 x 600 mm
On canvas in white or incised: "N. Vervoort / 1818"
Credit line
Foundation Collection, 1989
Project credit line
This digital record has been made available on TJC Collection Online through a significant donation from the OPENING DOORS fund, the generous support of The Friends of The Johnston Collection, and Digitisation Champion Christine Bell
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