maker: Gail Brett's Embroidery Group (Australian)

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decoration, eight Chinese figures, mortals. These figures of the eight immortals from Chinese mythology were taken form a pair of Chinese lidded jars. They are embroidered in chain stitch using silk thread on silk fabric over wadding, giving the appearance of embossing. The detail in the embroidery and their lightly padded nature give them an almost 3-dimensional reality, despite each figure being only ten centimetres high.
.1 He Xiangu-woman carries a lotus
.2 Lan Caihe-attribute is flower basket
.3 Lu Dongbin with sword and fly whisk
.4 Li tieguai-with crutch or staff
.5 Zhongli Quam-with fan
.6 Han Xiang-with flute
.7 Zhang Ceuo- with blue bamboo holder
.8 Cao Guojiu- with pair of tablets ressembling castanets
Maker and role
maker: Gail Brett's Embroidery Group (Australian)
Production place
Victoria, Australia
Production date
Media description
.1 145 x 220 mm
.2 150 x 240 mm
.3 120 x 220 mm
.4 120 x 225 mm
.5 130x 210 mm
.6 140 x 200 mm
.7 120 x 220 mm
.8 120 x 230 mm
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This digital record has been made available on TJC Collection Online through a significant donation from the OPENING DOORS fund, the generous support of The Friends of The Johnston Collection, and Digitisation Champion Christine Bell.
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