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Antiques in Australia from private collections
Rogan, John
Burke, Joseph
Paul Mellon's Legacy: A Passion for British Art
Allen, Brian
Baskett, John
Prown, Jules
Reese, William
Robinson, Duncan
Eighteenth Century English Drinking Glasses: An Illustrated Guide
Bickerton, L
Gothic Revival
Aldrich, Megan
A Manual of Domestic Economy
Walsh, J H
The Victorian Catalogue of Household Goods
Bosomworth, Dorothy
The Ivory Hammer: The Year at Sotheby's
Flemming, Ian
How to Identify Portrait Miniatures
Williamson, George
Williams, Alyn
The History of Scotland
Burton, John Hill
Gardens for Small Country Houses
Jekyll, Gertrude
Weaver, Lawrence
Huisraad en Binnenhuis in Nederland in Vroegere
Sluyterman, Eeuwen
The Royal Academy (1837-1901) revisited: Victorian paintings from the Forbes magazine Collection
Forbes, Christopher
Staley, Allen
Colour and Interior Decoration
Ionides, Basil
The Great Days of Versailles: Studies from Court Life in the Later Years of Louis XIV
Bradby, G
Masters Of The Colour Print
Debucourt, P
Scottish Country Houses 1600-1914
Gow, Ian
Rowan, Alistair
The Gentleman and Cabinet-Maker's Director
Chippendale, Thomas
Edwards, Ralph
An Illustrated Bi-Annual Art Journal of India
Furniture Furniture Finishing, Decoration and Patching
Pattou, Vaughn
Furniture History The Journal of the Furniture History Society Vol XLII