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European Ceramics from the End of the Middle Ages to about 1815 A Dictionary of Factories Artists technical terms et cetera
Honey, William
Pocket Book of German Ceramic Marks
Cushion, John
Style in Pottery
Lane, Arthur
German Porcelain
Honey, William
Samuel Johnson A Life
Pocket Book of English Ceramic Marks
Cushion, John
Oriental Rugs
Haack, Hermann
Wingfield, George
Digby, Cornelia
Longton Hall Porcelain
Watney, Bernard
London Goldsmiths 1697-1837: Their Marks & Lives
Grimwade, Arthur
European Ceramic art from the Middle Ages to About 1815
Honey, William
Hogarth: A Life and a World
Uglow, Jenny
University of Melbourne
Decency and Disorder: The Age of Cant 1789-1837
Wilson, Ben
The Raj at table: a culinary history of the British in India
Burton, David
Renaissance Architecture: History of World Architecture
Murray, Peter
The Culture Club: Crisis in the Arts
Appleyard, Bryan
Romantism and Realism: The Mythology of Nineteenth Century Art
Rosen, Charles
Zerner, H
Medieval English Pottery
Rackham, Bernard
Italian Maiolica
Rackham, Bernard
Early Staffordshire Pottery
Rackham, Bernard
Greek Pottery
Lane, Arthur