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Empire Style
Baudot, Francois
English Style and Decoration
Cliff, Stafford
Jane Austen's Town and Country Style
Watkins, Susan
Jane Austen's Town and Country Style
Watkins, Susan
Look at Cotehele
Gardiner, Rena
Glass 1900 Galle Tiffany Lalique
Garner, Philippe
19th century art: Painting by Robert Rosenblum, Sculpture by H W Janson
Rosenblum, Robert
Janson, H W
How to Identify Prints: A complete guide to a manual and mechancical processes from woodcut to ink-jet
Gascoigne, Bamber
Living in Scotland
Lesley, Astaire
Roddy, Martine
von der Schulenburg, Fritz
Wedgwood Jasper
Reilly, Robin
Chinese Ceramics The New Standard Guide
Le, Hi
The Architecture of the Eighteenth Century
Summerson, John
Boswell's Presumptuous Task
The Arts of Man
Newton, Eric
An Illustrated Dictionary of Glass
Newman, H
Raj: A Scrapbook of British India 1877-1947
Allen, Charles
Right Words: A Guide to English usage in Australia
Murray-Smith, Stephen
William Blake: The Complete Illuminated Books
Blake, William
Bindman, D
Image as Language: Aspects of British Art 1950-1968
Finch, Christopher
Etruscan & Roman Architecture
Boethius, Axel
Ward-Perkins, J