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The English Opium Eater
Morrison, Robert
Silver: Treasures and Pleasures
Came, Richard
Bess of Hardwick: portrait of an Elizabethan dynast
Durant, David
The Princes
Molesworth, Hender
Routledge Who's Who in Classical Mythology
Grant, Michael
Hazel, John
Look at Cotehele
Gardiner, Rena
Authentic Decor: The Domestic Interior 1620-1920
Thornton, Peter
Authentic Decor The Domestic Interior 1620-1920
Thornton, Peter
Eighteenth-century decoration: design and domestic interior in England
Smith, Charles
Cromwell Our Chief of Men
Fraser, Antonia
Dr Johnson's London: Life in London 1740-1770
Picard, Liza
Boswell's Presumptuous Task
Napoleon and Wellington
Roberts, Andrew
King Charles II
Fraser, Antonia
A desert kingdom: the Rajputs of Bikaner
Patnaik, Naveen
Raj: A Scrapbook of British India 1877-1947
Allen, Charles
Right Words: A Guide to English usage in Australia
Murray-Smith, Stephen
Image as Language: Aspects of British Art 1950-1968
Finch, Christopher
Etruscan & Roman Architecture
Boethius, Axel
Ward-Perkins, J
Architecture in Britain 1530 to 1830
Summerson, John