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Exhibition of Derby Porcelain painted by William 'Quaker" Pegg 1775-1851
George, Anne
Fine porcelain &​ pottery: the best of the world's beautiful china
Fisher, Stanley
The Golden Age, Masterpieces of 18th Century English Porcelain
George, Anne
Meissen China: An Illustrated History
Berling, Karl
The Story of Royal Worcester: and the Dyson Perrins Museum
Savage, George
The Story of Porcelain
Backlin-Landman, Hedy
Shapiro, Edna
Sèvres /​ Carl Christian Dauterman.
Dauterman, Carl
Parian Ware
Barker, Dennis
Porcelain as an art and a mirror of fashion
Schmidt, Robert
Thorpe, W A
Bohemian porcelain. /​ Photos. by Josef Ehm. Translated by Richard K. White.
Poche, Emmanuel
European Porcelain
Bacci, Mina
Tait, Hugh
Marks of German, Bohemian and Austrian Porcelain: 1710 to the present
Rontgen, Robert
Derby Porcelain
Gillespy, F
Old English Porcelain: A Handbook for Collectors
Honey, William
Old Derby Porcelain and its Artists-Workmen
Hurlbutt, Frank
Bow Porcelain
Hurlbutt, Frank
Old English Porcelain
Honey, William
English Porcelain and Bone China
Hughes, G
Hughes, Therle
Chelsea, Bow, and Derby porcelain figures, their distinguishing characteristics
Stoner, Frank