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Antiques in Australia from private collections
Rogan, John
Burke, Joseph
Paul Mellon's Legacy: A Passion for British Art
Allen, Brian
Baskett, John
Eighteenth Century English Drinking Glasses: An Illustrated Guide
Bickerton, L
The History of Scotland, Volumes 1-7
Hill Burton, John
Gothic Revival
Aldrich, Megan
A Manual of Domestic Economy
Walsh, J
The Victorian Catalogue of Household Goods: introduction by Dorothy Bosomworth
Bosomworth, Dorothy
The Ivory Hammer: The Year at Sotheby's
Flemming, Ian
How to Identify Portrait Miniatures
Williamson, George
Williams, Alyn
The History of Scotland Volumes 1-7 (B I)
Hill Burton, John
Gardens for Small Country Houses
Jekyll, Gertrude
Weaver, Lawrence
Huisraad en Binnenhuis in Nederland in Vroegere
Sluyterman, Eeuwen
The Royal Academy (1837-1901) revisited: Victorian paintings from the Forbes magazine Collection
Forbes, Christopher
Staley, Allen
Colour and Interior Decoration
Ionides, Basil
The Great Days of Versailles: Studies from Court Life in the Later Years of Louis XIV
Bradby, G
Masters Of The Colour Print
Debucourt, P
Scottish Country Houses 1600-1914
Gow, Ian
Rowan, Alistair
The Gentleman and Cabinet-Maker's Director
Chippendale, Thomas
Edwards, Ralph
An Illustrated Bi-Annual Art Journal of India
Furniture Furniture Finishing, Decoration and Patching
Pattou, Vaughn