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Look at Cotehele
Gardiner, Rena
1001 scrolls, ornaments, and borders: ready-to-use illustrations for decoupage and other crafts
Rawlings, Eleanor
Old Furniture: Understanding the Craftsman's Art
Smith, Nancy
Boswell's Presumptuous Task
Vitruvius Britannicus
Badeslade, J
Rocque, J
Woolfe, John
Gandon, James
Raj: A Scrapbook of British India 1877-1947
Allen, Charles
Thomas Sheraton The Cabinet-Maker and Upholsterer's Drawing-Book by Thomas Sheraton, with a new introduction by Joseph Aronson
Aronson, Joseph
Right Words: A Guide to English usage in Australia
Murray-Smith, Stephen
Image as Language: Aspects of British Art 1950-1968
Finch, Christopher
Etruscan & Roman Architecture
Boethius, Axel
Ward-Perkins, J
On the Laws of Japanese Painting: an introduction to the study of the art of Japan
Bowie, Henry
Architecture in Britain 1530 to 1830
Summerson, John
Painting in Britain: The Middle Ages (Pelican History of Art
Rickert, Margaret
Christian and Oriental Philosophy of Art
Coomaraswamy, Ananda
The Transformation of Nature in Art
Coomaraswamy, Ananda
French Architecture
Lavedan, Pierre
Art and architecture in Spain and Portugal and their American dominions, 1500 to 1800
Kubler, George
Soria, Martin
Painting and Sculpture in Europe 1780 to 1880
Novorny, Fritz
Bertram, Anthony
Lord Sempill
European Painting & Sculpture
Newton, Eric